What Causes Dry Eyes?

What Causes Dry Eyes? Our Westchester Optometrist Has The Solution

If your eyes are frequently dry, itchy, burning, and red, you may be dealing with chronic dry eye. Our Westchester optometrist is more than happy to help! This condition is also often associated with blurry vision, increased sensitivity to light, the feeling of something gritty stuck in your eye, and even an excessive of clear watery discharge. If it sounds uncomfortable, it is–but if you or a loved one is suffering from it, understand that our Los Angeles eye doctor, Dr. Jenn Tabiza, is ready to see you!

What’s Causing My Dry Eyes?

Your eyes are normally covered with a thin layer of tears. These are produced by your tear glands and spread evenly across the outer surface of your eyes by normal blinking. Sometimes, your body stops producing enough tears. This often occurs naturally as you age, and may also result as a side effect of certain medications or as a symptom of another underlying medical condition.

In other cases, your body may be producing enough tears, but the tears being made are of poor quality. Normal tears contain water, oil, mucus, and certain cellular components that moisturize and protect the delicate outer surface of your eyes. If these substances are not present in their normal ratios, then tears may not work sufficiently, leading to dry eye symptoms.

Certain factors, including changing the weather, dry air, and being around smoke, can also exacerbate or lead to dry eyes.

What Options Exist For Dry Eye Treatment?

Our Los Angeles optometrist will work carefully with you to determine your best course of dry eye treatment, which may include medicated eye drops, antihistamines, and lifestyle modifications.

Relieve Your Chronic Dry Eye Pain From Your Los Angeles Area Optometrist Today! 

Are you tired of dealing with a chronic dry eye? Get the relief you’ve been looking for with help from your Los Angeles area optometrist, Dr. Tabiza. She and the rest of her optometry staff kindly welcome patients from the greater Los Angeles area, including Playa Del Ray, Silicon Beach, Playa Vista, Westchester, Marina Del Ray, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, and Inglewood. To schedule your eye exam, call Westchester Eye Care Center today at (310) 670-1888

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