Welcome to Westchester Eye Care Center!

Here at Westchester Eye Care Center, serving Westchester and the entire Westside Region of Los Angeles County, we are proud to offer high-quality eye care services, including pediatric and adult eye exams, eye surgery consultations and aftercare, glasses and contacts, including hard to fit contact lenses, computer vision services and prescription sunglasses. Let our optometrist’s help you see clearer today! We serve Silicon Beach, Playa Vista, Playa Del Ray, Westchester, Marina Del Rey, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Inglewood & surrounding areas.

Eye Exams with Our Optometrist in Westchester

If you are looking for an optometrist in Westchester or a Los Angeles optometrist, we can help you. Our optometrists perform all types of vision and eye health exams, including comprehensive exams, pediatric exams, contact lens exams and diabetic exams.

The eye exams from our optometrist in Winchester and our Los Angeles optometrist are designed to find eye health problems before they start impacting your ability to see or your child’s ability to learn and develop. Our pediatric exams check for proper eye development, depth perception, visual acuity and colorblindness.

Our comprehensive eye exams for adults check for common eye diseases, including dry eye, AMD, refractive errors and problems with the retina and optic nerve. Our diabetic exams look for diabetic retinopathy, which can cause bleeding in the back of the eyes as well as other diabetic eye health complications.

Enjoy Westchester Designer Frames

If you are looking for Westchester designer frames, you have arrived at the right location. Here at Westchester Eye Care Center, we carry eyeglass frames for your whole family. You can choose between several luxury and designer brands, including Adidas, Czone, FYSH, Kate Spade, Modo, Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith, Ray Ban, Silhouette, Tom Ford, William Morris and Nike Vision. Our vision center staff can even help you choose the right glasses in Westchester for your face and personal style.

To schedule an appointment with one of our optometrists serving the west region of Los Angeles County, call us at (310) 670-1888.

Are you ready to ensure your eye health with comprehensive pediatric and adult eye exams, contact lenses and glasses in Westchester?

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