Sports Eye Safety

Sports Eye Safety Information from our Westchester and South Bay Optometrist

Playing a sport means you will face certain risks to your health. A potential concern is a risk to your vision and your eyes. At Westchester Eyecare Center, Dr. Tabiza wants to make sure you’re doing all you can to protect your eyes and that you have the right safety glasses to keep your eyes safe when playing sports.

Why is Sports Eye Safety Important?

Sports present potential risks to your vision. When you play a sport, you have a risk of a ball or other items hitting your eyes. Regular glasses or contact lenses may shatter or break from the impact. By wearing the right lenses, you reduce the risk of sports injuries causing serious damage to your eyes. Common eye injuries experienced during sports include:

  • Foreign objects getting into your eyes
  • Cuts on the eye or eyelid
  • Abrasions in the eyes
  • Excessive pressure on the eye, resulting in a black eye and injuries to the structure of the eyes

Blunt force trauma from a bat, ball or other object is a common risk associated with playing sports.

How To Keep Your Eyes Safe

The key to keeping your eyes safe is obtaining the right safety glasses. We may suggest the use of prescription sports goggles when you play a sport. Our optometrist also ensures that you know measures to address injuries in an emergency situation. By taking the right steps to seek treatment after an injury, you reduce the risk of long-term complications with your vision.

Contact our Westchester Optometrist

Sports eye injuries can be prevented with proper precaution. Work with our optometrist to reduce the risk of injuries to your eyes by wearing the right safety glasses. To learn more about safety measures or to set up an appointment, call Westchester Eyecare Center at (310) 670-1888 today.

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