Prevention, Management & Treatment of Eye Diseases

Prevention, Management & Treatment of Eye Diseases With Your Optometrist in Playa Vista

When you visit an optometrist in Playa Vista, you want to address potential complications with your vision at an early stage. By taking measures to prevent eye diseases or catching a problem early enough to maintain your vision, you reduce the risk of long-term complications or a loss of vision. At the Westchester Eye Care Center, we offer exams and treatments to reduce the risk of eye diseases or harsh treatments when a problem does develop.

Preventing Eye Diseases With Your Playa Vista Optometrist

Prevention is a key part of addressing potential problems. When you visit our Playa Vista Optometrist for a regular visit, he or she provides a vision exam. During the exam, an eye doctor looks for nearsightedness, farsightedness or other common eye conditions. At our clinic, a comprehensive eye exam may also look for specific problems in young children and adults, such as lazy eye or dry eyes. Diabetic eye exams also assist with preventative care by identifying problems at an early stage and assessing the risks associated with diabetes.

Managing Eye Diseases

Managing an eye disease usually refers to the steps we take to maintain your vision after a diagnosis. Management refers to the tools we use to prevent further loss of vision. For example, we may recommend eye drops for dry eyes or certain conditions. We also use eyeglasses and contact lenses to correct nearsightedness and farsightedness. Depending on the situation, our treatments and recommendations may vary.

Treatment Options

Treating an eye condition with help from a Silicon Beach optometrist depends on the situation. For amblyopia, or a lazy eye, we may use tools like and eye patch to encourage a child to focus with the weaker eye. During diabetic eye exams, we may discover concerns and recommend appropriate medications to address the underlying problems. Our treatments depend on the situation and the condition.

When you want to maintain your vision or address a problem with a child’s vision, regular eye exams help with your concerns. To learn more about our treatments or exams, contact us today.

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