How We Can Help Improve Your Sports Vision

Sports require the use of visual skills that aren’t normally needed in daily non-sporting life. You have to be able to spot a target, usually a ball, against a large backdrop that might be busy with everything from grass and dirt to other players. You then have to be able to see this target well enough to be able to calculate its speed and trajectory. Finally, if you get close enough to make contact, you have to see it well enough to determine the best way to do so. Failure at any point can lead to embarrassing fumbles or outright misses.

It is because of these unique demands that you should see an expert in sports vision if you are involved in any type of athletics. Sports vision optometrists know that you need to be able to see more than the standard stationary eye chart, and will test for and treat problems with things like tracking small moving objects, dealing with glare, keeping your eyes targeted as you move, and other challenges.

Sports Vision Correction: More than Just Glasses

While you may well need glasses to correct problems like blurriness, seeing where a ball takes more than that. You also need visual skills to lock your eyes onto a target and keep them there as long as needed. This is where neuro-vision therapy comes in.

Neuro-vision therapy trains your eyes and brain to work together to perform all of the visual requirements of sports. It builds neural pathways that are better and stronger than what you have now, thereby removing the visual handicaps that are interfering with your sporting performance. It is performed by an optometrist in Los Angeles, so you can be sure you’ll get results.

This therapy is tailored to the desires and needs of the individual. For those who seek sports vision improvement, it will focus on things like eye teaming, reaction times, visual endurance, and accuracy. After a successful course of treatment, you won’t miss any more balls – at least not for lack of being able to see them!

Sports Glasses

Glasses are the most basic form of vision correction, and if your main issue is basic visual acuity, they’re just what you need. Our selection of sports frames can withstand the rigors of a game and still look great. Have us put in lenses with polarization and anti-glare to get an extra-clear view of the field.

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