Senior Eye Exams at Westchester Eye Care Center

Eyes are constantly facing new challenges, from the early developments of childhood to middle-aged presbyopia and work-related digital eye strain. During the senior years, your eyes may be vexed with age-related issues and diseases and require extra scrutiny. That’s why we offer senior eye exams here at Westchester Eye Care Center in Los Angeles, California.

Why Older Eyes Need Extra Care

Several potential problems arise for your eyes and vision as you pass the age of 60. These include elevated risks for:

  • Dry eye – An irritating and potentially damaging condition that occurs as you start producing fewer tears with age
  • Glaucoma – Optic nerve damage from poor fluid drainage, which produces high internal eye pressure
  • Diabetic retinopathy – Retinal damage related to diabetes, a systemic disease which becomes more common in older individuals
  • Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) – Destruction of the retinal tissue that gives you your central vision, typically showing its first signs by or after age 60.
  • Cataracts – A clouding of the lens that may begin in middle age and grow into a serious visual impediment in the senior years

As these diseases become prevalent, your risk for permanent vision loss may rise. Retinal and optic nerve damage is irreversible, but the sooner we know about it, the sooner we can take steps to preserve your eyesight.

Evaluation and Testing from Our Los Angeles Optometrist

While younger adults with healthy eyes and clear vision might get away with a comprehensive eye exam every other year, the American Optometric Association recommends annual eye exams for everyone over the age of 60. Our Los Angeles optometrist, Dr. Tabiza, uses pupil dilation to get the widest possible view of the inner structures of the eye. This allows for early detection of diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, and optic nerve damage. Pressure testing enables us to catch glaucoma before it can cause irreparable harm. We also pay close attention to the front of the eye, sing slit lamp testing to diagnose cataracts and monitor their progress. Regular vision testing enables us to modify your corrective prescription as your eyes change.

Don’t worry if we discover an age-related eye problem! We will prescribe medications, glasses, contacts, or even refer you to an eye surgeon for techniques to help you control the problem.

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