Conditions Treated By Our Silicon Beach Optometrist

At Westchester Eyecare Center, we work hard to find effective, long-term solutions for all our patients’ eye conditions. Our Silicon Beach optometrist, Dr. Jenn Tabiza, understands that every patient has different optometry needs, so she performs thorough and regular assessments to keep track of your overall vision and eye health. If you develop symptoms of a chronic or acute eye condition, our eye doctor will update your eye care plan accordingly. She treats a wide variety of vision conditions, eye injuries, and chronic conditions that affect the eyes.

We treat the following eye conditions at Westchester Eyecare Center, in addition to dozens of other unique diseases and symptoms that require regular attention. If you suffer from vision loss, irritation, discomfort, or anything else that affects your eye health, we encourage you to schedule a comprehensive eye exam and receive a diagnosis from our optometrist in Playa Vista.

Vision Conditions

Nearsightedness (myopia) and farsightedness (hyperopia) are very common vision conditions that affect your ability to focus. You may struggle to see details on close-up objects or strain to read signs from long distances, but either way, we have a variety of solutions to correct your vision and prevent unnecessary eye strain. We offer prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses to correct your refractive error, as well as specialty lenses and multifocal prescriptions.

Dry Eye

Dry eyes have a lot of possible causes, from computer-related eye strain to wearing the wrong prescription lenses. Our optometrist in Playa Vista will help you eliminate any lifestyle factors that may cause irritation, or help you treat a chronic condition that causes dryness and itchiness. Treatment options include lubricating eye drops to stimulate your tear ducts and procedures to improve fluid production.

Diabetic Eye Exams & Treatment

Optometrists often detect diabetes before regular health care providers, because a simple dilated eye exam can show the earliest signs of diabetic retinopathy. We provide thorough eye exams to detect diabetes, as well as regular exams and treatments for patients who already have diabetic retinopathy. Our goal is to prevent diabetes from robbing you of your eyesight.

Amblyopia Treatments

When a child’s eyes develop differently, treatment is necessary to correct vision problems and prevent total vision loss. We treat the disorder known as “lazy eye” with corrective lenses, eye patches, and customized vision therapy regimens that help kids keep their eyesight. We also treat strabismus, another developmental condition, which causes misaligned eyes in kids.

Glaucoma Treatments

Patients of all ages can develop this chronic eye disease, which causes vision loss without proper treatment. We relieve pressure on the optic nerve and track visual disturbances to prevent blindness and reduce discomfort. Glaucoma treatments include eye drops that reduce or drain fluid to prevent buildup, laser eye surgery to improve drainage, and implanted tubes that reduce intraocular pressure.

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