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Los Angeles Optometry ServicesAt Westchester Eye Care Center, we strive to offer full service eye care for the whole family. If you are new to our Los Angeles optometry clinic, please learn about the services we offer to improve your vision and eye health.

Our Optometry Services 

To serve your vision and eye care needs, we provide the following optometry services to Silicon Beach, Playa Vista, Playa Del Ray, Westchester, Marina Del Rey, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Inglewood  :

  • Eye exam – An eye exam is the foundation of your vision health. Look to us for comprehensive adult and pediatric eye exams that check your visual acuity, eye teaming ability, general health, and eye health. We can fix eye infections and irritations, fit you with glasses or contacts, and treat any other eye health concerns.
  • Contact lens exam – If you want to switch from glasses to contacts, a contact lens exam is the very first step. In this exam, we will check your vision and eye health. We also measure your eyes, so that we can get the right fit with contacts. If you have an eye condition that makes you hard to fit for contacts, we can recommend lenses that may be easier for you to wear. Once we select the right contacts, we will go over how to put in, remove, and care for contacts. We finish with follow up care to make sure that you enjoy your new contact lenses.
  • LASIK consultations – Getting LASIK is a big step. If you are thinking of having corrective eye surgery, get the facts ahead of time. Learn the costs associated with LASIK, how LASIK can help you, and what to expect during the surgery and recovery. If you decide to go ahead with LASIK, we will refer you to a qualified eye surgeon. We also provide all of the pre- and post-operative care for your eye surgery.
  • Sunglasses – Sunglasses are a necessity for Los Angeles residents who wish to protect their eyes from sun damage. Look to us for all the latest styles of sunglasses and high-quality sunglasses that block 100 percent of UV rays.
  • Computer vision – Do you spend all day working at a computer? If so, then you may suffer from computer vision syndrome. Symptoms include headaches, tired eyes, dry eyes, and eye strain. We can offer tips for setting up your workstation to reduce symptoms of computer vision syndrome. Let us also provide you with computer vision glasses, which block the blue light glare causing eye strain.

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