How to View a Solar Eclipse Without Damaging Your Eyes

Learn How to Safely View the Solar Eclipse with Our Optometrist in Westchester

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon’s orbit moves between the sun and the earth, perfectly lining up with the sun. During a total solar eclipse, the moon completely covers the bright surface of the sun, making the sun’s corona and outer atmosphere visible to the viewer. On August 21, 2017, a partial solar eclipse will be visible to all of the North American continent. In a path about 70 miles wide which will spread between Oregon and South Carolina, people will observe a total solar eclipse. With August swiftly approaching, and more people buzzing about the upcoming eclipse, our optometrist in Westchester wants to remind patients that a solar eclipse is only safe to view with the naked eye during the short duration of the total eclipse.

Solar Eclipse Viewing Tips From Our Westchester Eye Doctor

To safely observe the rest of the two to three-hour long event, protective glasses or hand-held solar filters are required to shield your sensitive eyes from the sun’s dangerously bright surface. Homemade filters or sunglasses with dark lenses will not sufficiently protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. Be sure to obtain a pair of solar eclipse glasses or a filtered sun viewer well before August 21st to ensure you are properly prepared to observe the eclipse and all of its beauty. Our Westchester eye doctor recommends only viewing the eclipse through products which have passed an international lens standard. A complete list can be found on NASA’s eclipse webpage.

During the eclipse, be sure to put your glasses on before looking up at the sun and not remove them until you have looked away. Do not look through a camera, binoculars, or telescope while using your sun filter glasses, as the optics within these devices will damage the filter within your protective glasses’ lenses.

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How are you planning to view and celebrate the solar eclipse this August?

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