Cosmetics and Our Eye Health

Accidently jabbing an eyeliner applicator into your eye isn’t pleasant for anyone, but an accidental injury shouldn’t be the only concern when it comes to cosmetics. There are a variety of things that are used around the eyes that can be harmful, including moisturizer, cleanser, and eye makeup and under eye cream. Many of these products in Los Angeles, CA contact ingredients that may cause an infection or another uncomfortable issue with your eyes. Here are a few tips to ensure your eyes stay healthy when using cosmetics on or around your eyes.

Keep Cosmetics Fresh

Each time eye makeup is applied, you are transferring bacteria from your skin or lashes to the product. Over time this bacteria multiplies, which may lead to an eye infection. One of the most important things to do in order to avoid an eye infection is to wash your makeup off before going to bed. It’s also a good idea to replace all makeup used on your eyes about every three months to avoid the risk of bacterial growth. The most important products to replace are your mascara and liquid eyeliner, but bacteria can also build up on eyeshadow as well, especially if you don’t keep the brushes clean.

Prevent Cross Contamination

It is extremely important to not use your friend’s makeup or you could end up with cross-contamination of germs. It’s is also highly recommended that you avoid using makeup testers at the cosmetics counters in stores, but if you want to try a shade before buying it, use single-use applicators and/or try it out on the top of your hand as opposed to directly on your eye.

Check Ingredients

Cosmetics sold in the United States, including Los Angeles, CA, are required to list the ingredients, sometimes the ingredients are on a tear-off sheet next to the display. There are certain additives that you should definitely avoid, including Kohl, which is sometimes used to describe an eye makeup color, but it contains lead and can issues especially when used on your eyes. You should also avoid products that contain glitter, because the flakes can get into your eyes, causing irritation or possibly even scratching of the cornea.

If you notice a sticky discharge in/on your lashes in the morning, it’s difficult to open your eyes and your eye is red, you may have an eye infection. The first thing to do is stop wearing cosmetics and throw away all eye makeup that has come in contact with your eyes. Clean your eyelids and around the eyes with a non-irritating wash, such as diluted baby shampoo. You may need an eye drop that contains antibiotics, so you should contact your optometrist in Los Angeles to schedule an examination as soon as possible.

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If you suspect you may have an eye infection, stop the use of cosmetics, especially products that are used on and around your eyes, and contact Westchester Eye Care Center to schedule an eye exam.

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