Annual Eye Exams

Annual Eye Exams From Westchester Eye Care Center

School children need to be able to see clearly while they are in class and studying. This is the primary reason why they need to have an annual eye exam. Parents in South Bay might find it easier to remember to schedule this appointment with Westchester Eye Care Center during the back to school season. We can work with all children from preschoolers up to graduating seniors.

Vision Can Impact School Success

Without being able to see the information presented, there is a chance that they won’t be able to grasp certain concepts and may miss information. Since many teachers use whiteboards or blackboards in the classroom to share things with the class, the child could have trouble seeing if they are too close to or too far from the board. Some children might have trouble reading books or doing worksheets because they can’t see as they should.

It is possible that a teacher can position children where they need to be in the room; however, they can’t do this if they don’t know the child’s needs. An annual eye exam can help to find problems before they become too serious. The eye doctor can also set a plan to address the problem. This might be through the use of glasses or contacts to help the child see their school work.

Eye Exams for Children

Going to the eye doctor doesn’t have to be traumatic for your child. For younger children, the eye doctor will use visual activities, games and picture recognition to help determine the state of the child’s eyes. Older children will use the same standard eye charts as adults to figure out if they are seeing normally. We take the time to ensure your child is comfortable throughout the exam.

When any issues are found that require a child to wear eyeglasses, they can choose from a variety of suitable frames to go with their lenses. This can help them to feel more secure while they reap the benefits of improved eyesight. Children who like the glasses they have to wear are more likely to use them instead of trying to hide the glasses.

Make Your Child’s Appointment Today

Your child’s vision is important. Make their optometry appointment at Westchester Eye Care Center. Our South Bay optometrist will gladly check your child’s eyes and work with you to come up with a treatment plan to help your child with any problems that are noted. Contact us today at (310) 670-1888!

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