About Westchester Eyecare Center

Hello from Westchester Eye Care Center! Our staff would like to welcome you to our optometry facility, where you and your entire family can enjoy state-of-the-art technology and best-practice techniques to meet all your vision and eye health needs! We’re proud of the excellence in service we provide to our patients, and we think you’ll fit right in!

About Our Optometrist in Westchester, Dr. Jenn Tabiza

As a board-certified and licensed doctor of optometry, Dr. Jenn Tabiza loves helping people maximize their vision and eye health no matter what their age, background, or lifestyle. Dr. Tabiza earned her doctoral degree from Nova Southeastern University, and prior to that earned a degree in biochemistry at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. As a trilingual optometrist in Westchester (speaking Engish, Spanish, and Farsi!) Dr. Tabiza offers a unique experience and skill set to her patients, specializing in contact lens fittings and ocular surface diseases including the chronic dry eye.

Dr. Tabiza has worked thoroughly and carefully to develop a strong team who all work together to create a warm, welcoming, and professional environment for all their patients!

Services We Offer

At our Westchester optometry facility, we offer a variety of optometry services to meet your needs, including:

As a leading optometrist in Westchester and greater Los Angeles, Dr. Tabiza prides herself on helping people not merely treat ocular disease, but preventing ocular disease, too. Routine eye exams are the best way to ensure early detection of a potential eye health problem, allowing Dr. Tabiza and you to make the necessary changes that may slow or even prevent the disease progression.

If an eye health problem is detected, then you can be sure that Dr. Tabiza will work carefully with you to determine your best course of action, depending on your condition, your age, your overall health status, your lifestyle, and your budget.

Conditions We Treat

Dr. Tabiza has years of professional experience diagnosing and treating a variety of eye health conditions, including:

….and more! She understands that you’re more than just your eye disease. Your entire person and health history are considered when determining the best treatment plan to meet your eye care needs.

Areas We Serve

Looking for an optometrist near you? If you live in Silicon Beach, Playa Vista, Playa Del Ray, Westchester, Marina Del Rey, El Segundo, Manhattan Beach, Inglewood, or the nearby community, then we’ve got you covered!

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We look forward to working with you and are excited to help you SEE a clearer future for yourself!