5 Ways to Protect Your Eyes in Summer​

The summer months are a difficult time for your eyes in the Silicon Beach area because of the UV exposure. By taking measures to protect your eyes with help from a Westchester eye doctor our Eye Care Center, you reduce the risk of developing complications with your vision.

Visit an Optometrist to Check Your Eyes

Before summer starts, visit an optometrist to check on your eyes. A Westchester eye doctor may suggest different solutions based on the current health of your eyes and potential risks to your vision from the sun.

Wear Sunglasses in the Silicon Beach Area

Sunglasses with UV protection keep your eyes safe when you live in the Silicon Beach area. Discuss different options with an optometrist to ensure that the sunglasses actually protect your eyes and block out the harmful UV rays.

Wear a Visor or Hat

A hat or visor with a wide brim protects more than just your face. It keeps your eyes shaded from direct sunlight and protects against damage from the sun. You want to ensure that the hat or visor has a wide enough brim to shield your eyes and may benefit from also wearing sunglasses for further protection.

Protect Your Eyes During Summer Projects

Summer projects, like mowing the yard or working on your home, may result in injuries to the eyes. Protect against injuries by wearing proper eye protection during an outdoor project. Safety glasses or goggles with UV protection help prevent injuries.

Consider UV Protection in Your Prescription Glasses or Contacts

If you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, talk to a Westchester eye doctor about UV protection. Some contacts and glasses may offer protective coatings to limit sun exposure during the summer months.

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Keeping your eyes safe during the summer starts with protecting against common threats. You want to ensure that you have a low risk of injuries as well as limited sun exposure in your eyes. To learn more about protecting your eyes during the summer months or to set up an appointment, call (310) 670-1888 today.

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